Velkommen til Café Mandela

All4Children Event

Sponsored by Genbrug Til Syd (GTS), All4Children is hosting a young, vibrant and highly talented upcoming singer and songwriter, UK based Mychelle Scot, who is half Nigerian-English, and Mr Hilary Chindondo, Zimbabwean and owner of Changamiri Coffee House, Coventry UK, a coffee house selling coffee from farmers in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. This is in light of creating awareness on the state of Coffee farming in Zimbabwe, the industry opportunities and all the projects that All4Children is currently involved in.

You will also have an opportunity to taste Zimbabwean coffee in the break! Don’t miss out!

Date & Time: Thursday 3rd of May at 19:00 – 21:00 hours

Venue: Café Mandela

Price: 100kr via MobilePay & 120kr at the door.

Make sure to buy your ticket in advance to reserve a spot! There’re only 100 spaces available.

How to buy your ticket via MobilePay: Send your amount, representing number of desired tickets and the word – “Café Mandela” to MobilePay number: +45 8194 5241. Shortly after, you will receive a confirmation text which will serve as your ticket at the door.