Velkommen til Café Mandela


Served 5 pm – kitchen close


Steamed mussels, white wine, herbs 80 kr.
Pickled rabbit, apple compote, bacon and rye 89 kr.
Smoked salmon, cheese cream and seaweed salad 89 kr.
Pork breast confit, garlic cream and savoy cabbage 85 kr.

Larger Dishes

Salad “nicoise” – tuna, beans and egg 110 kr.
Steak sandwich – onion, tomato and salad 125 kr.

Main Courses

100 % organic vegetarian lasagna with salad 165 kr.
Mulle frittes – Steamed mussels w. fries & mayo 175 kr.
Cod fish cake, sweet & sour salsa, fried mushrooms and rice pilaw 185 kr.
Beef burger, fries & mayo 169 kr.
Braised beef shank, root vegies, chips & mash 189 kr.
Roasted grey duck, waldorfsalat, cranberries, potatoes and cream sauce 229 kr.


Dessert board – Today’s choice of sweet bites 75 kr.
Cheese with crackers & olives 75 kr.