Velkommen til Café Mandela


Served 11 am – 4.30 pm

Lunch bites with fish, meat and cheese 100 kr.
Sandwich w. smoked salmon mousse & lettuce 86 kr.
Sandwich w. chorizo, baked goat cheese & lettuce 86 kr.
Omelette w. cheese, salad, ham & mustard 99 kr.
Salad w. chicken & egg 96 kr.
Pan fried fillet of plaice w. salad, rye bread & sauce tartar 110 kr.
Parisian style beef w. capers, root beat, pickles, onion & egg yolk 125 kr.
Burger w. cheese, pickles, lettuce & fries 139 kr.
100% organic vegetarian lasagne w. salad 100 kr.